Whats Up Brazil

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Promote Your Business to Brazilians/Latinos Living in USA

Mission for Business Members

” What’s up Brazil offers an affordable and powerful opportunity for local businesses to promote and reach thousands of Latinos living in the USA. We bring businesses and the Latino community together, under one platform. Local Businesses can directly present their special offers to create a long-lasting business relationships with our member. “

Who we Are?

What’s Up Brazil is a platform for Brazilians living in the USA, currently with more than 10 thousands members, this platform offers job opportunities, rentals, Dating, classifieds, online store and much more.

How it works?

The platform works through our online website, Social Media and a free application available for Android and Apple Store, where you can access all the tools in a very simple way.

List Your Business with us

We are offering an affordable opportunity to promote business not only for Brazilians, but for more than 60 millions Latinos Living in USA.

How we Promote?

Helping small Latino businesses that are starting to grow and want to have more customers. We promote business on all our social networks like instagram and facebook, online website and mobile application.

Advertising plans

Silver Plan

Advertise on What's up brazil
$ 5
  • Become a What's up Brazil Business Partner
  • Advertise your business on all platforms
  • Offer Coupons to 60 Million Latinos Living in USA

Gold Plan

Advertise on What's up brazil & Partner website
$ 8
  • Become a What's up Brazil and BraveHeroes Partner
  • Offer Discounts to Military and First Responder and build your business Reputation
  • Get all advertising benefits on both platforms(What's up Brazil & BraveHeroes)
  • Access to our members-only discount program as a sponsor member

Special Benefits on Partner Website

Promote your business and reach thousands of First Responders, Military Families, and Employees of Non-Profit organizations while supporting our local heroes and helping our community

Brave Heroes is a Discount website for First Responders and Military Families, To join our program your business must offer a special discount to our members. once you join our program you become part of the family and can also enjoy our members-only discount.

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