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Ten (10) Pack – Gold and/or Silver Random Freemason Rings Cheap (Select Size) – Suggested Value $350 – Bulk Mixed Lot of Stainless Steel Wholesale Masonic Rings Cheap – choose one size per set.


Value $350 – Ten (10) Pack – Random Freemason Rings – Mixed Lot of Stainless Steel Wholesale Masonic Rings – choose one size per set.

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IMPORTANT: There are NO partial refunds or partial style exchanges for this bulk set. The entire set must returned for a full refund (restocking fees may apply). Damaged or defective items can be replaced for an exchange within 30 days of receipt in mail for the same size and style (if in stock). Ten (10) Pack of Random bulk mixed lot / wholesale stainless steel Freemason rings featuring Compass and Square design. The combined suggested resale value for these Masonic rings is approximately $30-$40 per ring (or more). All rings per set will come in one size set of your choice. You will receive different style rings to sell at your local lodge and/or at an event a fundraiser! Note: If you order multiple sets, you may receive a few duplicate styles. You may or may not receive some style rings in gold tone, silver tone, or duo-tone stainless steel rings in this random set. We have many great selling, high quality rings to offer in this set! Shopping Tip: To order similar style rings in different sizes, select the desired ring size and then click “add to cart.” Choose another size and click “add to cart” again.