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Duo-tone Masonic Jewish Star of David Stainless Steel w/ Gold and Silver color plating – Freemason Ring Classic Style Judaism Emblem. Masonic Jewelry


Duo-tone Masonic jewish Star of David Stainless Steel with both gold and silver color plating – Freemason Ring with Classic Style Judiasm Emblem

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Duo-tone gold plated stainless steel Masonic Jewelry – Star of David Freemason’s ring – design with a triangular cut out shaped chiseled face give it a unique appearance. Back band width is approximately 6mm – the size of the face from top to bottom is approximately 1″ inch. Design: Jewish Star of David Masonic ring with carved Freemasonry Icons. Shopping Tip: To order similar style rings in different sizes, select the desired ring size and then click “add to cart.” Choose another size and click “add to cart” again.