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Boston Red Sox BlackBerry Storm Cashmere Silicone Case – Red


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You have an amazing Boston Red Sox fan cave. Every inch from the ceiling to the floor is covered with memorabilia, and even the TV features the squad’s colors. Take a second to imagine that you get a text on your BlackBerry Storm and while you’re answering it, you think “It would be awesome if there was a case that fit my personality and this room!” Well you don’t have to imagine anymore. This Boston Red Sox BlackBerry Storm cashmere silicone case is perfect for a fan like you. You won’t lose any access to the phone’s buttons and ports when you put it in this case. A durable screen protector is included, and it’s even made from impact resistant rubber. The Boston Red Sox graphics on the front and back are classic as well, so you’ll be able to show off your phone and your fandom at the same time.