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Avon Perioe Whitening Essentials Toothpaste Fresh Aloe Green Mint


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Brush up with this refreshing toothpaste formulated with effective whitening agents plus aloe extract for soothing nature-derived freshness. Complete with a green mint flavor for even fresher breath!BENEFITS With fluoride to help prevent cavities With green mint for a nature-fresh feeling Fights tartar protects against cavities removes plaque freshens breath and whitens teeth while protecting enamel Anticavity helps whiten teeth removes surface stains and keeps your breath freshTO USE ADULTS & CHILDREN 6 YEARS & OLDER: Brush teeth thoroughly after meals or at least twice a day or as directed by a dentist and physician. Do not swallow.CHILDREN BETWEEN 6 & 12 YEARS: To minimize swallowing use a pea-sized amount and supervise children’s brushing and rinsing until good habits are established.CHILDREN UNDER 6 YEARS: Ask a dentist or physician.Made in Korea