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Alpha Defense Gear Morale Pick Your Pack / Includes: Microfiber Cloth Face Shield™, Hat, Patch – DA-P88213-LP5


TODAY’S OFFERThe Alpha Defense Co. Moral Pack is filled with all of our essential gear. This pack is designed to allow Alpha Defense Co. customers to enjoy some of our products as a great value.PACK INCLUDES:✓ 1 Tactical Operator Hat ($26.99)✓ 2 M

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The Alpha Defense Co. Moral Pack Is Filled With All Of Our Essential Gear. This Pack Is Designed To Allow Alpha Defense Co. Customers To Enjoy Some Of Our Products As A Great Value. Pack Includes: • 1 Tactical Operator Hat ($26.99) • 2 Morale Patches ($4.99) • 1 Face Shield™ ($4.99) • 1 Alpha Patch ($4.99)